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I made a bag!

My greatest moments of creative inspiration ALWAYS come when I have something more important to be getting on with. This week when I still have a ton of work to do before the semester is over I suddenly got the idea to make a tote bag out of a pair of linen trousers.

Here's what I made:

I had these trousers when I was 17 and I ripped them, but they had that pretty embroidery on the leg so I kept them all this time planning to do something someday with that nice pattern and inspiration finally struck! The handle is the belt on the trousers.

The inner lining is made from a shirt that I loved the pattern for, but it always looked rubbish and I never wore it. I carried 4 library books in it today and it didn't fall apart so it seems my sewing isn't too bad.

Here's my mum modeling it for me:

I'd better get back to work now before creative inspiration distracts me again!

No nose... how do I smell? Awesome.

This pic is so weird but kinda cool I think!
I was messing around with the camera on my new lappy and it has a setting called 'comic book' which is supposed to make you look like... well a comuc book. But the flash was so strong that my mouth and nose got bleached out and my eyes turned blue!

This is what happens when I'm sposed to be writing up my research project.

PS: I'm listening to cheese. *points to music*
Singing along to Boston makes your tummy feel better if you feel sick. True story.

New Lappy!

My new lappy and I are heading to Canada on June 10th!
I'm so excited that Luke and I are gonna be living together (SANS CANADA-BOY'S PARENTS) for 6 months ^_^

Apr. 10th, 2009

Life is busy but unexciting right now - I just have a crapload of work to do really.

Here's my latest vids for friendship 2.0:

Video catch up...

My London trip:

Err... packing for London trip:

Only a fool turns down cheesecake.

Keep forgetting to post my vids.
Here's the newest:

Though China has now unblocked youtube again - so YAY!

I'm going to London on Friday for a long weekend with my gay best friend.
Can't wait!

Happy daaaaaaaaaaance


Why is it the creature I think is cutest in the world and want to hug more than any other is a live bear willing to maul me? *sigh*

I love pandas!
You can watch pandas live -


Ooops, behind on my vids.
vids behind the cut...Collapse )

Wheee presents!

My dad is currently in Singapore on business and he mentioned before he went out that a local store where he's staying had a lot of "that bento stuff" I like (he knows this because he goes every year) and would I like him to pick up some supplies for me?

Umm. YES. No brainer.

So he didn't really know what stuff I need so I wrote a couple things down on a postit note with some doodles of what they might look like.

BUT WOW. He went to town!

"Dear Beth
Spent $28 in Daiso today. Items in picture (from left in columns):
Column 1: Silicon dish cats; silicon dish hearts; mayonaise cup
Column 2: weird box combo; 2 lots of picks, tiny forks and spoons; rice ball makers
Column 3: insulated box; onigiri makers; 3 lots of chopsticks; sushi grass.
Unless I can find a good bento box (none in Daiso), I think I'm done!

Awww... I'm always going to refer to my onigiri box as "weird combo box" from now on <3

Spreading the love...

My meeting went well today.

Here's this week's vid: